Covid-19 Help

During these difficult and exceptional times, we are supporting our customers who are facing payment difficulties due to circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. You may experience unexpected temporary difficulties in making your personal loan payments due to a loss of or reduction in your income (or income of those in your household). We are here to help.

The FCA published payment holiday guidelines and this guidance has been updated recently. Click here to read the updated guidance here. 

“While these measures are designed to help you during this difficult time, they may result in increased costs in the longer term. So:

  • think carefully before entering into one of these arrangements,
  • only do so if you need immediate and temporary financial assistance,
  • if you can afford to make some repayments, even if it is a smaller amount than usual, you should continue to do so.

Remember, do not cancel or reduce payments until you’ve contacted your lender. Be as open and transparent as possible with them so that they can offer you the most appropriate support.”

“You can ask for a freeze on repayments for 3 months.  However, interest [may] continue to build during this period, meaning you pay higher costs in the longer term.”

​How loans by mal can help

If you need a payment holiday or you are struggling in any way with making your payments please email us at [email protected] 

Managing your account

If you need to contact us about anything to do with your account the quickest way to do this by emailing us at [email protected] ​

Coronavirus Scams

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a sharp rise in reports of scams and frauds. Criminals have been attempting to capitalise on the fear and panic associated with the pandemic. They have impersonated officials such as the police, councils, banks and other organisations.

Cybercrime has seen a big increase, with fraudsters targeting panic buyers, those shopping for PPE such as masks and gloves, or hand sanitisers online. Once an order is placed, the victim is charged but never receives their order. Additionally, there have been a number of fake testing kits available to purchase online.

In other scenarios, criminals are posing as council bodies, sending out text messages offering financial aid to those struggling due to the pandemic.

We suggest always remaining vigilant when transacting online. Decide if you can trust the vendor. If you are unsure, do your research, shop around, or ask a peer for advice. If in doubt trust your instinct and try not to make hasty decisions.

If you are worried that you may have been a victim of a scam or fraud we recommend getting in touch with the police immediately.